Pop Dust Premiere's "Everyday and Night Now" Video / by Charles Newman


A hefty European tour has led to the production of this music video between a newcomer indie artist and a mainstay alternative pop rocker. Here are Kris' thoughts on how it came together:

Peter and I wrote this song in an old renovated theater in Stockholm. So when it came time to imagine a video, we reached out to a mutual Stockholm-based friend, and very talented videographer, Martin Hedman (Carlwin film & television). Martin was amazing! He was really inspired by the song and immediately built a concept. We asked my Central Vermont-based friend, Chris Green (ORCA Media) to shoot my footage in the mountains of Vermont, while Martin shot Peter and company in Stockholm. It's amazing how well the footage all blends to feel like one part of the world. Though the song is supposed to have a spring vibe, we were still having thirty degree days in Vermont, and I was dressed like it was sixty and sunny. I've truly never been that cold in my whole life.