Pop Dust Premiere's "Everyday and Night Now" Video by Charles Newman


A hefty European tour has led to the production of this music video between a newcomer indie artist and a mainstay alternative pop rocker. Here are Kris' thoughts on how it came together:

Peter and I wrote this song in an old renovated theater in Stockholm. So when it came time to imagine a video, we reached out to a mutual Stockholm-based friend, and very talented videographer, Martin Hedman (Carlwin film & television). Martin was amazing! He was really inspired by the song and immediately built a concept. We asked my Central Vermont-based friend, Chris Green (ORCA Media) to shoot my footage in the mountains of Vermont, while Martin shot Peter and company in Stockholm. It's amazing how well the footage all blends to feel like one part of the world. Though the song is supposed to have a spring vibe, we were still having thirty degree days in Vermont, and I was dressed like it was sixty and sunny. I've truly never been that cold in my whole life.

Summer Tour Dates Announced by Charles Newman

Really excited to announce this summer tour out west in support of the release of Coast & Refuge!! I'll be visiting some of my favorite haunts for this run, but playing a bunch of new ones as well, making some new friends and new memories. Get to a show near you and be a part of the launch of this beautiful new music!!


New Single 'Everyday and Night Now" out Today by Charles Newman

“Every Day and Night Now” from the forthcoming album Coast and Refuge (out June 22) is a duet with Peter Morén (Peter Bjorn and John).

After a seven-country European tour supporting Jesse Malin, he sat down with Moren in Stockholm and two wrote the song together in a former movie theater-turned-music venue. It’s a radio-friendly earworm that kicks off with finger- picked guitar and then rises to answer a mystical call, with a string quartet in tow. The song was produced by Charles Newman (AM, The Magnetic Fields, The Bones of J.R Jones). The duet had special meaning for Gruen for another reason: he played PB&J’s song “Young Folks” for his eldest daughter every night when she was an infant.

Tribeca Film Fest Premiere and Show by Charles Newman

Kris will be in NYC celebrating the premiere of the film "All These Small Moments' on April 24th as part of this years Tribeca Film festival . His new song "Coming Down Around Me" off his upcoming album "Coast & Refuge" was  co-penned by director Melissa Miller Costanzo and the song comes during a pivotal moment in the film.  There will be a special solo performance in NYC to celebrate the premiere on April 25th.

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What Brings You - OUT NOW! by Charles Newman


"What Brings You" is the fitting title of the first single from Kris Gruen’s highly anticipated globe-trotting album of co-written songs, Coast & Refuge. Gathering the talents of accomplished writers and producers from around the world for his fourth full length release, Coast & Refuge promises to be Gruen’s return to opulent and muscular indie-pop, and if "What Brings You" is any indication of what’s to follow, it seems he’s made good on his word.

"What Brings You" is one of four songs on Coast & Refuge that Gruen wrote with LA producer, Brad Gordon. Gordon’s regular collaborations as a performer with Dan Wilson (Semisonic, Adele) and cult indie favorites The Weepies, and his studio work for artists such as Brett Dennon and Vance Joy has reached many millions of ears. His earthy production here gives the song an inviting, instant familiarity, both meditative yet explosively celebratory.

That sense of having heard "What Brings You" would be stronger for those who may have unknowingly come across it in an award winning American Eagle Outfitters spot in the months just following its recording. Oddly enough, the gorgeous commercial was shot in the same landscape that the song was written in— the California coast line between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara—and chronicles (in slow motion sanctity) an introspective, honey-drizzled day in the lives of a diverse group of uncommonly beautiful young people. Like a brand new pair of jeans, the song is an anthem for wanderlust and self-assuredness, adventure and discovery. A sonic and lyrical foray between the secretive and the gushing, there’s an inner conversation in the verses about “home” being wherever we lay our head at night, with gigantic choruses calling for storied hours with friends new and old. The song suggests the journey is the destination.

All These Small Moments: Music featured in Tribeca Film Festival movie by Webmaster


Two Kris Gruen songs are featured in the upcoming film All These Small Moments. The film marks writer Melissa B. Miller-Costanzo's directorial debut, and premieres on April 24th at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival

Kris contributed the song "Coming Down Around Me", which was co-written with Melissa B. Miller-Costanzo, and was written specifically for one of the film's most pivotal scenes. "Coming Down Around Me" is also set to appear on Kris' upcoming album Coast and Refuge

"Morning Glory", from Kris' 2013 album New Comics from the Wooded World, also appears in the film.

All These Small Moments stars Molly Ringwald, Jemima Kirke, and Brian d’Arcy. Brendan Meyer, Harley Quinn Smith, and Sam McCarthy are also among the cast. The film centers on a teenage boy (Meyer), whose infatuation with a woman (Kirke) he sees on the bus further complicates his already tumultuous adolescence.